I am a nurse with a great passion for travel and food. I’ve always wanted to share my experiences in ways that will inspire others to follow their own paths, especially those who always doubt themselves. Growing up, I had a very low self-esteem despite having big ambitions. I was a deep thinker and a day dreamer but my goals and aspirations were often clouded with doubt (caused by bullying, limited opportunities, and other setbacks in life). All the negative feedback and challenges I faced were not easy  and demotivating (as for anyone), but I eventually used them to take small steps to improve my life and make my dreams come true, with the help and support of loved ones, role models, and mentors that I have met throughout the years. I continue to look back and it makes me proud that I am now pursuing the path that I have always dreamed of- discovering the world.

Each trip has taught me courage, humility, and self-confidence. Travelling makes me dream even bigger! Through katlim.com, I am able to tell my fun and unfiltered stories and give out honest recommendations to travellers. Nothing is impossible & travel hacks are real. I also believe in travelling with a greater purpose (by reaching out to unfortunate, deserving locals).

Follow my adventures as I explore the world with colour, humour, & meaning!