Christmas Markets in Europe: Munich

The “ber” months are here- freezing, cold nights matched with warm sweaters, soothing Christmas songs, and colourful lights! Last Christmas, I had the chance to experience the festive season in a European way- Christmas food and markets, hot beer mugs, lots of goulash soup, and winter in the Alps! The week-long Christmas adventure route: Berlin-Munich-Innsbruck-Salzburg-Vienna-Sládkovičovo-Bratislava-Prague-Berlin

My goals were to visit as much as Christmas markets as possible in different cities and towns and to collect Christmas mugs (which I proudly did!).

First city: Munich. Before exploring Berlin, we headed straight to Munich to explore the local Christmas markets. As I am originally from a tropical country, winter is still a struggle for me (I love winter and snow but no amount of heat-generating clothing could help me cope). Germany in December is COLD-cold but thanks to their hot dogs and hot beers, the sweater weather can be tolerable!

Christmas market around Marienplatz, Munich.


I got my first Bavarian beer and Christmas mug from Munich!


German hot dog
German footlong




Munich gave me a taste of a real Bavarian Christmas and with much delight, we moved on to our next destination: Innsbruck, Austria. The road trip from Munich to Innsbruck was an AMAZING experience in itself. As a random side trip on the way to Innsbruck, we visited the fairytale-like Neuschwanstein Castle, located on a hill in Hohenschwangau, a village in southwest Bavaria. It is known that the castle inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom.

The backdrop to get to the castle was just stunning. We made some stops to enjoy the sun and play in the snow. Sun and snow combined (plus the Alps) are now few of my favourite things in life!

Heaven on earth!

Amazing road trip from #Munich to #Neuschwanstein ❄

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When #Kookyoi sees snow! 😂❄

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Winter Wonderland meets the #Alps ❄️☃️ #Germany #WhiteChristmas

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Picturesque German winter

The long white climb to the castle! ❄️ #Sony #Kookyoi

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😍 #Neuchwanstein

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Sun + Snow= Pure Bliss ❄️☀️ My favourites! #Germany #Kookyoi

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Neuschwanstein Castle


Back in Munich…

This was displayed in the Munich Christmas market on the day after the tragic attack on a Christmas market in Berlin on 19 December 2016.

Love, respect, and peace will always prevail!



Next: Innsbruck

Off to Innsbruck!


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