Golden beaches, charming storks, beautiful cliffs, and delicious seafood! Welcome to the southernmost region of Portugal:  Algarve. 

Let's go and discover the world! #Algarve #Kookyoi

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A practical list for a first memorable Algarve trip (mostly in pictures):

  • Explore Portimão and walk around the cobbled streets. The town of Portimão is located in the Algarve region of Faro. Attend the Portimão Wine Tasting in Fortaleza Santa Catarina in July and dance to some Portugese music!
Igreja do Colégio

Trying to kidnap these balloons! 😂 #Portimao

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Storks everywhere!

Portimao streets

Stork tower!

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  • Visit breathtaking beaches (skip Praia da Rocha). The choices are endless! My personal favourite was Praia da Amoreira in Aljezur. It is quieter than other more popular beaches, including Praia da Marinha.

Beautiful beach! #PraiadaMarinha

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Portugese Birthday! 🎈 #PraiadaMarinha #Kookyoi

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Praia da Amoreira, Aljezur

Praia da Amoreira 😍 #Aljezur

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Can't get over the beautiful beaches in #Portugal! #PraiadaAmoreira

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  • Enjoy the seafood. I recommend O Pipo for some authentic Portugese dishes and fresh seafood. Address: 8500 318, Praça 1 de Maio 2, Portimão, Portugal
Fresh grilled fish at O Pipo
  • Go for a ride around the region. The bridges and sceneries are awe-inspiring and will sum up an unforgettable road trip!
Lisbon to Algarve


Algarve road trip
*Out-of-town suggestion:
Stop by Comporta, a West Coast beach near Lisbon and  visit Restaurante Dona Bia.
Comporta beach
Perfect starter at Restaurante Dona Bia


One of their Portugese specialties. Delicioso!

Have a fabulous time in Algarve!

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