Iceland Part I

Iceland, also known as “Land of Fire and Ice,” is the first featured post on Kat Lim. It is definitely my favourite trip and the most memorable yet!

My favourite photo of #Iceland. ❤️

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Amazing is an understatement!

The most common question most of you will probably ask is “When is the best time to visit Iceland?” This is the initial question I ask myself whenever I visit a new city or country, mainly because I want to experience THE BEST in a short period of time. I know a lot of you can relate to this- limited time, limited budget!

I am usually an organised traveller, planning the perfect itinerary with specific dates and detailed timetable. But what I have realised lately is, spontaneity adds extra excitement to travelling!

For the first time, I had no clue on this trip. I booked the cheapest round-trip tickets I could find for October. My mindset was all about witnessing the northern lights. It was not until a few months later that I started researching about the best time to visit Iceland (true story).

A walking rainbow in gloomy #Iceland! 🌈 #SonyA7 #Kookyoi

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If your main goal is to see the northern lights, most travel sites would agree to visiting Iceland between mid-September to mid-April. If you’re in to see the Orca and Humpback whales, summer months would be ideal, from April through September. Iceland in October, I would say, is an enjoyable risk.

I picked October thinking it would be easy to find the northern lights and the Orca whales. Based on the weather forecasts, rain was the ultimate drawback of the entire trip. A WHOLE day was spent in our Airbnb due to a hurricane that hit Iceland. We had to wonder and ask the tour agency almost every single day if the northern lights and whale-watching activities were cancelled. We did booked tours on our first day in Reykjavik as we had no proper itineraries. Another realisation: tour groups equal chaos.

#Kookyoi goes whale watching. 🇮🇸🐋

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Northern lights= 0, whales= 0

Despite my magical yellow jacket, there was still no luck. My dream of watching the northern lights dance and meeting the whales were forever gone. The day after the intolerable hurricane, we walked around Reykjavik and found a car rental and tour agency. After a helpful advice from the agent and a lady who sworn to have enjoyed their car trip around Iceland, we decided to just rent a car and explore what we can. We named our little car “Aygo,” short for Toyota Aygo. From then on, we never looked back.

Aygo beat the odds: Icelandic weather and more
The road trip was beyond imaginable- breathtaking and unlike any other!
Out-of-this world landscapes


Now let me tell you about the story of the nosy Icelandic horses

As we continued our dreamy road trip, we were greeted by a number of Icelandic horses- large, gorgeous, and friendly. Well, too friendly.

We were so amazed by these horses that we decided to get out of the car and meet them. It wasn’t the smartest idea. They started marching forward, trying to get too close and personal. I guess my petite frame gave them the wrong impression! We started panicking and ended up trapped in the car as they surrounded li’l Aygo. Another horse was very eager to eat the side mirror (sorry car rental).

It was a rare encounter but a very funny one! I have no idea how we managed to escape the mob but one thing I do remember- I could not stop laughing!

To be continued… 

Up next: I will suggest the restaurants and top things to do in Iceland!


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